Oil and gas

Our solutions increase oil and gas enterprise efficiency and resilience at all stages, from exploration to production and sales.

How we help oil and gas enterprises go digital

We unlock enterprise digital potential in line with business needs by offering solutions that cover all areas: production, transportation, refining and sales. Thanks to our comprehensive project approach, we can solve business-specific customer problems of any complexity.

Our solutions

MRO, EAM and predictive analytics

We implement tools to monitor and predict malfunctions of static and dynamic equipment, thus helping to reduce downtime and repair costs.

Engineering and IT infrastructure

We carry out stage-by-stage comprehensive construction of engineering and IT infrastructures at production and auxiliary facilities.

Computing infrastructure

We create a flexible, secure and scalable basis to unlock the customer’s digital potential and ensure stable running of business-critical processes.

Comprehensive security

We ensure enterprise information and physical security, and protect critical information infrastructures in line with all relevant legislation.

Health, safety and environment

We implement end-to-end HSE management systems, from monitoring production facilities to preventing employee violations.

Digitalization and Industry 4.0

We leverage Big Data, IoT, AI, ML, RPA and AR/VR to solve practical business tasks facing oil and gas enterprises.

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Industry team

Igor Zeldets

Business Development Director for Oil&Gas and Chemicals

Mikhail Kosov

Director of Industry Solutions for Oil&Gas and Chemicals

Olga Melnikova

Marketing Business Partner

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