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We are a reliable and proven partner that helps businesses embrace digitalization, improve efficiency, and unleash their potential through technology.

How we help mining-and-metal enterprises go digital

We scrutinize business processes and develop a target model and digitalization strategy, focusing on economic feasibility, speed, optimal technology, and business impact. Our team’s commitment and collaboration with customers enable us to cope with the most sophisticated projects.

What we do


We install tools for operational control and production management, optimize production programs to avoid schedule deviations and prevent unwanted equipment downtime.

Production technology

While automating production processes, we also offer tools to reduce the scrap rate and achieve the best consumer properties for your products.

Maintenance and repairs

We deploy tools to reduce downtime and forecast breakdowns, while also helping to control equipment costs, condition, and availability of spare parts, as well as check both personnel skills and the drafting of permissions, cost estimates, and design documentation.

Environmental monitoring

We help comply with environmental legislation, monitor emissions online, predict the spread of pollution depending on weather, and identify the closest polluters.

Comprehensive security

We contribute to comprehensive enterprise protection, including perimeter control, unwanted access prevention, equipment condition monitoring, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions for MES and back office.

Health, safety, and environment

We integrate a health, safety and environment (HSE) system, covering all company levels and business processes, from individual safety to real-time incident monitoring in a command center.

Transportation and logistics

We offer solutions for adaptive and automated management of logistic and service processes, logistics strategic planning, and forecasting of risks at all production chain phases, from the field to the end customer.

Digital HR

We introduce tools to improve production and back office personnel performance, as well as training and knowledge/competence management systems, personnel administration and resource forecasting solutions.

Sales and procurement

We assist with uniting a company’s suppliers and customers into an ecosystem to improve production planning, communicate faster, and reap extra revenue by finding new markets.

Digitalization of fields and mining-and-processing plants

We improve production efficiency at all stages, from geological surveys to the finished product. This includes the introduction of tools to monitor the condition of key components and equipment, as well as HSE compliance in all business units.

Energy efficiency management

We roll out complex systems to automate energy management, optimize consumption, and identify causes behind anomalies and energy losses.

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Oleg Terekhov

Deputy CEO, Director for Mining & Metals Accounts

Oleg Kallin

Director of Industry Solutions for Mining & Metals

Olga Melnikova

Marketing Business Partner

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