Our solutions help digitalize and automate insurance businesses and pension funds throughout the value chain.

What we do

We suggest taking a fresh look at process efficiency and using our tools and solutions to move from a traditional insurance business model ‘Assess and Compensate’ to a new ‘Predict and Prevent’ paradigm. Indeed, all modern digital companies tend to adopt this approach.

Our solutions

Digital Transformation

We implement projects of any complexity, from function digitalization to integrated ecosystem creation, in line with your business needs and objectives.

Loss Settlement

We automate loss settlement to improve customer satisfaction by quickly reviewing payment cases, as well as accurately calculating and paying damages.

Underwriting and risk analysis

We implement big data solutions to ensure accurate risk assessment and retain the most valuable customers.

Fraud Prevention

We select digital tools that allow insurers to identify and prevent fraudulent schemes in a timely manner and, most importantly, reduce the number of fraudulent payments.


Advanced tools from our portfolio help accelerate and streamline contract execution, thus enabling businesses to gain a competitive advantage and offer customers advanced services.

Customer service

Our digital tools enable businesses to adopt fast, simple, and convenient service processes, thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Additional materials

Explore our case studies, proprietary reports, expert analysis and research findings on pressing business and tech issues.


Industry team

Denis Gavrilov

Director of Insurance Business Development

Andrey Krupnov

Director of Industry Solutions

Alexandra Mostinskaya

Industry Marketing Manager

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