We manage production assets with a focus on minimizing the cost of the life cycle, increasing the efficiency of technological processes as well as reducing the cost of maintenance and equipment repairs.

Asset management by minimizing life cycle costs

We provide effective maintenance and repair of equipment within a limited budget. The system allows us to organize and categorize the main equipment into smaller, maintainable units, according to their importance in energy production. Repair resources are allocated primarily to ensure the operation of critical equipment, based on the economic feasibility of such repairs. The system integrates with any existing ERP class solutions and allows you to apply various repair strategies for each type of equipment separately. You can save up to 20% of the maintenance andrepair budget when implementing this system whilst improving the reliability of energy production.


Creation and development of a solar power plant for southern electric networks of Kamchatka (UESK)

A successful pilot project will save approximately 1 million rubles annually by reducing the fuel component of the tariff.

Automated Intelligent Diagnostics

Lower your maintenance and repair costs. The hardware-software complex carries out diagnostics of electrical machines and driven units during operation, detects defects in the early stages of occurrence, and predicts their development. The system also reveals deviations in the operating modes of driven units and can be integrated into the existing process control system. The implementation result is a significant increase in the utilization rate of equipment while reducing repair costs.

Geographic Information Systems

The integration of various customer systems on the GIS platform provides the consolidation of technological, operational and production information on the operation of distributed infrastructure facilities. The result of the GIS implementation is the creation of a unified cartographic space, the display of technological and reference information about objects in a single information space of the company. This provides specialists of operational and repair services with up-to-date information for the effective integration of applied monitoring and data analysis systems, monitoring of work at power facilities and organization of effectiveinteraction of all departments at the planning stage.


Creation of a center for the collection of technological information for a large energy company

The CROC team has formed a technological data infrastructure for collecting, processing and consolidating information from systems at 18 customer sites. This includes the visualization, monitoring and control of production processes for the generation and supply of electricity and heat.

Creating a digital twin of an energy facility

We provide digital modeling of an energy facility using BIM-technologies for operational management, quick simulation of events and the selection of effective operating modes. The digital double allows you to identify potential risks, integrate new technologies into existing production sites, reduce the time and cost of implementing new construction projects, technical re-equipment and reconstruction of energy facilities.

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Digital transformation

System for modeling and optimization of CHPP-20 modes

Modeling of operating modes and optimal load distribution between units allows Mosenergo to minimize fuel costs and achieve maximum equipment efficiency

Content management

Automated system for managing technical documentation for Rosenergoatom

Automation of the technical workflow of a geographically distributed company made it possible to create a single information space at all stations of the concern and establish end-to-end business processes

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