Integrated Security

Using domestic software, we ensure physical and informational security, protecting critical information infrastructure, including technological systems.

Physical security systems

Our physical security systems are aimed at protecting energy enterprises from illegal actions and external threats. They include an offering of perimeter security alarms, object security alarms, television security alarms, access control and management systems, information collection and processing systems, security lighting systems, as well as access control systems using video analytics and machine vision systems.


System of collection and transfer of technological information for FGC UES

The CROC team has simplified access to non-operational technological information for employees of RPA services in various departments. Automatic data collection and transfer allows you to quickly process them at different levels of the management hierarchy and easily work with information collected over several decades.

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Case studies

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Digital transformation

System for modeling and optimization of CHPP-20 modes

Modeling of operating modes and optimal load distribution between units allows Mosenergo to minimize fuel costs and achieve maximum equipment efficiency

Content management

Automated system for managing technical documentation for Rosenergoatom

Automation of the technical workflow of a geographically distributed company made it possible to create a single information space at all stations of the concern and establish end-to-end business processes

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