Business support

We improve operational efficiency through robotic business processes, automation of KPI calculations, implementation of workflow systems for all types of technical documentation whilst taking into account industry requirements.

Data and System Integration

To organize the interaction of information systems in real time, as well as to obtain operational information or perform complex operations. Development of turnkey integration solutions - from requirements collection and design to implementation and further support.


Development of system of modeling and optimization of operation modes of CHPP for a large energy enterprise

The system allows you to achieve maximum equipment efficiency at the lowest fuel consumption. Simulation and optimization models of control objects make it possible to obtain predicted operating modes of stations and optimally distribute the load between units.

Contact centers

The main task of the contact center is to solve customer issues regardless of the method they use to contact them: voice, web, e-mail, social networks, SMS, USSD, video calls. Contact centers automate the processing of typical calls and their distribution, increase the proportion of calls served, reduce the load on operators and help manage the quality of customer service.

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