Chemical and petrochemical industry

The key factors for survival in a competitive and constantly changing environment are making timely decisions and correctly prioritizing them. Through technology, companies can quickly find growth points that allow them to concentrate on the best implementation paths towards improvement.

What we do

Our mission is to create solutions that meet the urgent needs of chemical and petrochemical companies. Based on our clients’ requirements, we jointly formulate strategies, focusing on end-to-end digitalization of company business. Most importantly, our technical expertise allows us to tackle projects of any complexity, whether they revolve around basic infrastructure or digital areas.

Our solutions

Industry 4.0

Strategic and technological transformation of production. This is perfect for developing companies that are ready for qualitative changes in their business model, and already have the basic infrastructure to introduce innovative technologies.

Automation of production

The necessary infrastructure for digitization. These technologies and solutions focus on optimizing the production program, reducing costs, and increasing equipment uptime.

Comprehensive security

Enterprise circuit protection. It includes physical, informational, and environmental security, and it includes perimeter and state of mechanisms control technologies, as well as prevention of targeted cyberattacks and compliance with legal requirements.

Digital worker

Industrial safety and control of employees. A platform created to optimize labor conditions, observe occupational health and safety standards, reduce injuries, and improve the industrial personnel’s quality of training.

Supply chain management

Transport logistics, warehouse, and yard management. These technologies are focused on controlling overstock, routes, transport, and cargo, robotic procurement and sales, reducing costs, and increasing the efficiency of using rolling stock.

Optimization of business processes and employees

Reducing the company’s fixed costs while maintaining the quality of service and work, increasing the speed and transparency of operations, robotic routine processes, and integration of accounting systems.

Engineering infrastructure

Innovative solutions for smart building engineering systems. These technologies reduce the costs of operating buildings as well as energy consumption, also increasing labor productivity and security within the facility and its surrounding area.

Our latest thinking on Chemicals

Expert analysis, data and research. We highlight the technology-driven changes and provide management perspectives on trending business topics and the future of work.


Industry team

Igor Zeldets

Business Development Director of Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Mikhail Bashlykov

Director of Industry Solutions

Olga Melnikova

Marketing Manager

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Business solutions

Automation of HR function for “PhosAgro”

Information terminals reduce the burden on HR services and document waiting times. The system automates the order and receipt of personnel documents for 10 thousand employees and former employees of the enterprise.

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