The business expands, the demands on the network grow. It’s time to upgrade to SD-WAN! Begin to use traffic flexibly, apply new information security mechanisms, and centrally and transparently manage the network. How to adapt the network infrastructure for business tasks? We will tell you about this at the SD-WAN for Business meetup.

SD-WAN technology has proven its worth across industries. According to the Dell’Oro Group report, in 2019 the global SD-WAN market grew by 64% and exceeded the level of $ 1 billion. Cisco entered the TOP5 market leaders.

Business Benefits of SD-WAN Implementation

  • Savings – lower operating costs by reducing expensive leased lines for telecom operators and simplifying operation;
  • Instant support for new business applications across the entire distributed network, regardless of the number of branches;
  • Fast and secure connection of branches in any remote locations, using any connection technologies;
  • Business predictability – business applications on a distributed network always work, including through open Internet channels.

At the meetup we will tell

  • How to quickly bring new services and services to the market for consumers;
  • How to optimize the costs of contracts with telecom operators;
  • How to quickly connect branches, building complexes, data centers;
  • How to minimize downtime in IT services and, as a result, business processes.

The target audience

The online meetup will be useful for IT, information security and business digitalization executives in companies with a geographically distributed branch network.

Feature of the online meetup

You will learn how to quickly connect branch offices, flexibly distribute traffic, and optimize network costs.