The experience of CROC Cloud services confirms that most large clients prefer to use hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures. There are several reasons for this.

Some companies, due to the severity of security services or regulatory restrictions (this often happens in banks), cannot bring critical business applications to the public cloud. Instead, they leverage commercial data center resources and plug in IaaS for testing and development tasks. Other companies have many legacy systems that are too difficult and expensive to move to a public cloud. Customers leave such applications on premise, and deploy new cloud native services at the provider’s facilities. As a result, the infrastructure grows and becomes more complex and more difficult to manage.

Meetup program

Together with Cisco experts, we will look at three tools for managing multi cloud infrastructure: Cisco Workload Optimization Manager – workload optimization software, ACI Anywhere – network connectivity application, Cisco self-service portal. We will also present the methodology for creating private, hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructures, formed over the ten years of CROC Cloud Services: we will tell you what services should be taken out and in what sequence it should be done.

At the meetup we will tell

  • How to build effective management of hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure;
  • How to centrally manage all applications and cloud services costs;
  • How to ensure network connectivity between your own data centers and the provider’s sites;
  • How to get the most benefit from using public resources.

The target audience

The event will be of interest to CIOs responsible for the development of IT infrastructure, as well as owners and architects of business applications who choose one or another cloud model.