C# Developer

The design team to create an integrated geographically distributed system for storing technological information requires a design engineer.

25 June 2020

Clerk on duty at CROC Cloud Team

Облако КРОК – наш центральный продукт. Это IaaS платформа собственной разработки, обеспечивающая надёжными сервисами более 300 компаний и позволяющая нам стабильно, из года в год расти и входить в ТОП-5 крупнейших облачных провайдеров в России.

25 June 2020

Leading consultant 1C / Functional architect for the implementation of 1C

Our company has opened a competition for the vacancy of a leading consultant 1C in the business applications department.

25 June 2020

Linux / UNIX Systems Engineer

We are looking for people who are carried away by the * nix world, are ready to accept them into our team and immerse them in projects and tasks using advanced technologies, both Open Source and commercial. We will also teach commercial UNIX with subsequent certification.

25 June 2020

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