Justice Online: CROC Delivers Facial Recognition for Moscow City Court

The Moscow City Court and IT company CROC have successfully piloted a facial recognition system — developed in Russia and powered by neural networks — during an online court session held as a video conference. CROC’s solution helps overcome isolation restrictions and gather people in an online courtroom remotely.

NEWS / 26 May 2020

Бизнесу предложили следить за отправленными на удаленку сотрудниками

В конце апреля одна из крупнейших российских ИТ-компаний «Крок» начала продавать антикризисный пакет решений для бизнеса в условиях коронавируса. Системный интегратор предложил клиентам оценить возможность перехода к модели аутсорсинга ИТ-инфраструктуры, к использованию программных продуктов на открытом коде, роботизации части бизнес-процессов.

NEWS / 06 May 2020

Remote Work Know-hows and Risks

Taking care of transitioning to remote work was a complete surprise for some companies. In an interview for TAdviser, Valentin Gubarev, Director of Computer Systems Department at CROC, has shared his company’s experience in adjusting to working from home and associated risks and benefits.

NEWS / 22 April 2020

Digital Transformation in Six Weeks

Today, hardly anybody questions the need for digital transformation of modern business. Alina Veselova, Senior Business Transformation Consultant, IT company CROC, explains how companies can evolve digitally by employing design thinking and whether engaging external partners for this may pay off.

NEWS / 27 November 2019

How do Face Recognition Systems Deal with Masks?

During the recent quarantine, we have gradually grown to accept mask usage and become accustomed to the idea of an always-covered face. However, the face recognition problem still remains unsolved. Russian companies such as CROC are also working on this problem. Tatiana Pavlova, a video analytics project manager, said that 30% of the face surface is enough for the system to do the job.

NEWS / 08 November 2019

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