24 October 2019

Migration of 30 Banking Systems of SBI Bank to Hybrid Cloud

Migration provided the bank with technical resources to promptly create new products, manage big data, improve system fault tolerance, reliability and security, and flexibly manage the bank’s IT infrastructure expenses.


Having approved the strategy for entering the remote banking services retail market and creating a unique online ecosystem for entrepreneurs, the bank’s top management realized that the existing infrastructure couldn’t handle current tasks. To develop a rapid-growing product line and cut costs, the bank migrated approximately 90% of banking systems to the cloud.


Two months prior to hybrid cloud implementation, the CROC Cloud Services team audited IT systems, advised the bank on the most cost-effective upgrade, and provided a comprehensive picture of the legacy IT processes running in the customer’s infrastructure. The audit results helped design a to-be infrastructure with anticipated growth in mind.


Migrating systems to the hybrid cloud enabled the bank to promptly adapt its product line to suit customer and market needs.

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