30 April 2020

Equipped the publishing house with virtual workstations

In a week, we developed 300 remote workstations for Condé Nast Russia and ensured continuous work during quarantine.


At the height of the quarantine, Condé Nast Russia, the publisher of lifestyle magazines, contacted us: GQ, Vogue, Tatler, Glamor, AD. Due to the pandemic, the organization had problems with logistics – it was necessary to urgently transfer the state to a remote format. But at the same time, ensure the continuity of work.

To ensure that the company continues to function despite the epidemic, we scaled the existing infrastructure and provided the organization with virtual desktops.

How we helped

Over the course of a week, the CROC team provided Condé Nast Russia with additional server capacities with software and organized virtual workplaces in the company. 

GPUs were taken as the basis for VDI solutions. With their help, the company will be able to work with resource-intensive applications – “heavy” photos, videos and graphics. This is especially true for media companies.


As a result, we managed to organize work for 300 employees of the company. Also, ensure the continuous operation of the financial department of the company, whose period of self-isolation coincided with the preparation of quarterly reports.

And even with such a force majeure, Condé Nast Russia was able to promptly prepare all materials for websites and digital applications, as well as release five issues of magazines as planned.

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