12 November 2020

Hosting of ECCO infrastructure and business services in hybrid cloud

CROC helps the retailer to streamline infrastructure administration and ensure compliance with requirements from foreign HQ.


Lack of infrastructure flexibility, complicated IT administration, and expensive service support hindered business development. It was necessary to support a system landscape populated by legacy systems. Also, resource consolidation satisfied the requirements of the Danish company’s headquarters in Bredebro, allowing for quick expansion of computing capacity during peak loads.


ECCO spent six months migrating business-critical services step-by-step from its premises to CROC Cloud. These included ERP, 1C-based financial system, analytical reporting system, e-mail and file services, as well as databases. Based on application operation specifics and architecture, the customer opted for either a public cloud or server equipment in CROC’s data center. Stable service operation and quick data replication were ensured by arranging a direct communication channel between the two sites.


A combination of public resources and colocation provides the desired flexibility, streamlines IT administration, and optimizes service support costs.

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