16 August 2017

Hosting of Castorama online catalog in CROC Cloud

CROC adapts and hosts the Castorama’s Russian online catalog in a fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure.


Over 1.5 million people use the Castorama online catalog monthly, with growing demand for e-retail services and an increasing number of website visitors requiring a reliable platform capable of withstanding load fluctuations. As a result, the retailer decided to move its catalog to CROC Сloud in order to promote digital services to its Russian customers.


Availability of the retailer’s website is monitored by an open-source managed service while CROC’s IT specialists respond to business-critical incidents within 10 minutes, thus ensuring that the Castorama’s catalog is up and running at all times. The customer enjoys technical support from CROC on a single-point-of-contact basis. As the cloud infrastructure is tailored to the Castorama developers’ needs, new services for the online catalog can be added dramatically faster.


Continuous monitoring of key web catalog components and technical support from CROC on a single-point-of-contact basis guarantee high availability of the online service.

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