Digitizing Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya Museum

Within a month, the immersive museum complex "Zoya" was launched, which helps to completely immerse visitors in the events of the war years.

02 June 2020

Equipped the publishing house with virtual workstations

In a week, we developed 300 remote workstations for Condé Nast Russia and ensured continuous work during quarantine.

30 April 2020

Connecting the estate museum to Wi-Fi

We have created a Wi-Fi infrastructure for the museum of the palace and park ensemble. Now free internet is available for visitors to the Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum in the Moscow Region.

30 January 2020

Our team created a smart office for SIBUR headquarters

The system can process data from over a thousand devices. This approach improves comfort and makes IT equipment more energy efficient.

03 December 2019

Security for the VTB Arena

We have made one of the stadium borders safer in the renovated VTB Arena complex. The total length of the outer perimeter was over 1200 meters.

07 August 2019

Our work with the House of The Russian Abroad of A. Solzhenitsyn

It includes 54 multimedia screens and 13 projectors for video mapping. This set up allows a full immersion of visitors into the historical environment.

27 June 2019

Put into operation a safe office for PJSC Alrosa

We have implemented several security systems, automated access control using number plate recognition, and delimited access by biometric data and ID Cards.

10 November 2016

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