Our team’s work on delivery planning at a major stationery distributor

Due to better planning, we were able to reduce the delivery vehicles use by 10%. We also reduced the total working time of drivers by 14%, and the total mileage by 23%.

10 December 2018

Our pilot project on transport logistics system with L’Etoile

Our team analyzed and identified shorter routes. This allowed to reduce transportation costs by 13%, minimize vehicle downtime, hence avoiding fines.

06 June 2018

We established logistics in the LENTA hypermarket chain

With the help of the portal, the company can track the time of arrival of vehicles, keep a history of cooperation with counterparties, monitor current obligations, carry out automated settlements and generate the necessary documentation and reports.

26 May 2016

Logistics management from the CROC cloud for Mondelez Rus

Using TMS from the CROC cloud-enabled reduction of the transportation expanse and cost optimization of maintenance and support of information systems.

12 December 2015

Our work on demand forecasting and supply planning (PROTEK)

We have put into operation a portfolio of products that allows us to assess acceptable volumes and efficiency of purchases, to predict the demand for individual goods and clusters.

01 June 2015

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