Protecting web applications in large retail

Within a few days, we installed and configured a secure remote access gateway with two-factor authentication for bank employees to access the corporate infrastructure.

21 September 2020

Organized a safe transition to remote work of an international bank

In 2 days, we installed and configured a secure remote access gateway with two-factor authentication to access corporate infrastructure when switching to remote work.

18 March 2020

Conducted an audit for compliance with FL-152 for a financial company

We have audited a financial company with a geographically distributed IT infrastructure, aligned more than 50 processes and reduced the risk of fines from state inspections.

30 January 2020

Security system for SBI Bank

We connected a new multilevel security system for SBI Bank based on the Fortinet line of solutions, which ensured reliable protection of the bank's information assets in real time.

28 November 2019

How we managed to provide network security for a distributed company

We have built NGFW-based protection in a company with many distributed offices.We implemented centralized management of firewall policies from a single site.

27 September 2019

Introduced an integration API gateway based on IBM

We have ensured interaction between more than 50 subsidiaries of energy companies, as well as external organizations of the industry through secure services.

01 July 2019

We made the transition to open-source

As part of the maintenance of the integration infrastructure, we transferred the integration layer to open-source in several steps to ensure business continuity. The project allowed the insurance company to save on software licenses for new IT initiatives.

07 June 2019

We have helped with the FZ-152 compliance audit for an industrial company

We have conducted an audit and brought the data processing operations, which use global information systems and a large number of websites, in line with the legal standards.

07 June 2019

Implemented a system for monitoring the actions of administrators in an industrial holding

We have built a system for monitoring administrator actions, thanks to which administrators and contractors will have secure access to critical systems.

20 May 2019

How to manage contractor access to company resources

We have introduced a system for an intergovernmental organization that will record all the actions of contractors. We also helped optimize the cost of maintaining business systems.

11 April 2019

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