Migration of the data center of an oil and gas company

Since the company changed its data center service provider, we promptly moved the equipment to another site. We also provided the company with insurance for the duration of the move.

26 September 2019

Helped with moving of the office and data center IT infrastructure of a retail chain operator

In just 12 hours, we moved the customer's data center. In a short time, we prepared a detailed plan for moving and installing computing equipment. This enabled quick and safe migration.

30 January 2018

Conducted an audit of the main IT systems of the registrar “R.O.S.T”

We have analyzed the reliability of storage and maintenance of the registers of the customers. We also checked how reliable the access to this data is.

19 January 2016

Implemented management systems at Multicarta

We created a systematic approach to the management of the company's life cycle. Prevent intuitive decisions that can impact business continuity.

28 September 2015

Сreated a fault-tolerant IT infrastructure for M.Video

We ensured the continuous operation of IT systems in the company. We also created the ability to transfer systems to the backup site in case of force majeure.

08 September 2015

Installation of a supercomputer at the Mordovian State University

Using the new system, the university upgraded the university cluster from 0.3 to 14 teraflops. It increased the efficiency of processing and storing research results.

07 July 2014

Design of an IT system for the OJSC Aviadvigatel

Created the basis for the data center of the Perm Engine-Building Complex. It allowed an increase of the speed and quality of calculations during the manufacturing of new products.

13 May 2013

Created a “PARADIGM GEOPHYSICAL” cluster

The company has reduced the computation time and has become one of the most high-performance systems for processing seismic exploration data in Russia.

22 April 2008

Creation of a supercomputer center at NPO Saturn

It allows the company to work with more complex calculations like combustion in combustion chambers, coupled heat exchange of turbine rotor blades, and acoustics calculations.

23 August 2007

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