Self-learning robot for M.Video-Eldorado

We have implemented a self-learning assistant for the largest Russian retail company in the electronics and technology market - M.Video-Eldorado. Its main functions are to monitor and optimize the first line of technical support for users.

11 August 2020

Created a Service Desk system for a global steel manufacturer

We have developed a unified corporate system that helps the company to process more than 8,000 applications from users monthly.

06 May 2020

A glimpse into our corporate School of IT Recruiting

Created an immersion course on the features, processes and tools for hiring IT professionals. We have developed programs, selected speakers and relevant cases.

30 April 2020

Our work for the business tourism agency “Aeroclub” – ISFEU

We have implemented a highly loaded system in the company based on "1C: Holding Management", robotization and electronic document management. As a result, 150 workplaces were automated.

05 June 2019

How team prepared for the corporate transformation launch

We have introduced training with an analysis of methods and tools, typical mistakes, and ways to assess the results of the transformation. We also formed an action plan for the team.

18 March 2019

Implementation of a tariff calculation system for a large insurance company

Tariff calculation is automated and takes into account more than 200 parameters. The system accelerated the launch of new life insurance products and the formation of personalized offers.

News / 05 March 2019

Automation of HR function for “PhosAgro”

Information terminals reduce the burden on HR services and document waiting times. The system automates the order and receipt of personnel documents for 10 thousand employees and former employees of the enterprise.

News / 23 August 2018

Launched a Time Management marathon-bot

We automated the training and migrated it into a chatbot. Also, our team was engaged in script writing, content creation, technical development, and launch support.

15 December 2017

How to switch to open source software

To implement the strategy of independence from foreign developers and vendors, we have helped create 30,000+ workstations at 600+ healthcare institutions based on open source software.

15 December 2017

1C: ERP 2 – CROC’s basic system

“1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2” allowed to comprehensively automate medium and large businesses in various industries. Now financial accounting, warehouse, sales and procurement are in a unified system.

11 December 2016

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