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What we look for in our candidats


Problem solving and analytical thinking

As a technology company shaping the future of the world, CROC is looking for candidates who identify issues and are able to come up with solutions. Being able to quickly analyze how the business is impacted, offering solutions and coming up with a plan is key.


Communication skills

Our employees are brand ambassadors for the firm. Being able to accurately communicate on our business internally but also outside the organization is critical. Last but not least, listening to colleagues and being able to clearly communicate ideas, strategies or even issues is vital.


Customer focus

Our people from all business areas need to understand and value our customers’ needs and goals. Designing solutions that match what our customers have in mind can only be done by putting them as priority No.1.



In order to be productive and satisfied at work, employees have to understand how their efforts are helping the entire company perform better. Motivation and productivity are triggered by knowing what we are doing matters.

Our approach and values

CROC is a company of progress and commitment. As we are moving the world forward through innovation, we trust that the success of our employees helps us accomplish great things. Each of our employees plays a vital role in creating solutions that clients rely on daily.

Who is the perfect candidate for CROC?

We have versatile people from many different professions: physicists, historians, chemists, and lawyers. All of them have become successful business leaders at CROC. They enjoy what they do and are constantly looking for new opportunities for development. It’s passionate and motivated candidates like this that are looking for to join the team.

What if I don’t have enough skills for an opening? Can I still try applying?

It’s always great if you have a strong background in one of the above areas. If you don’t but are ready to study hard, you can still join our team and accelerate with our trainings and courses. Additionally we can offer you another position that is better suited for you.

Will I be able to take part in international projects?

Currently we are focused on the Russian market. But we do plan to introduce work on international projects in the future.

How will my work be evaluated?

At each stage you will receive feedback from senior colleagues, and once every six months from the team leader. You will be evaluated by several criteria: the quality and outcome of completed projects, dynamics of professional development, initiative, motivation, communication skills and teamwork.

Also, a resource manager will be assigned to you with whom you can discuss your achievements, difficulties and plans.

How is the training process organized in the company?

We train our employees on specific topics in IT, project and product management, as well as other hard and soft skills. We constantly invite external speakers to give talks about current trends in IT and business, as well as hold professional meetings and hackathons.

You can study at CROC Corporate University: learn English, as well as select other online courses for yourself. You can also attend conferences and trainings at other training centers.

We also have a format of long-term development programs: a school of products, a department of project managers, a technical department, and programs for line managers. You can take trainer coaching courses and in turn train colleagues and partners.

What is the work schedule at the company?

We have a flexible schedule and irregular working hours. Moreover, the need to be present in the office depends on the availability and urgency of current tasks.

Usually the workload of projects is about 40 hours a week. Toward the end of the year, the workload increases.

For students, part-time work is possible, starting from 3.5 working days a week. CROC also has positions with a shift schedule.

How to prepare for the interview?

The interview for each position consists of three stages. At each stage you can offer to complete a test task. You can either prepare a case or write a press release. At the end of each stage they will decide whether to progress you to the next stage or not.

Usually the first interview is with an HR manager. His task is to find the most suitable department at CROC for you. This is necessary to make you comfortable working in a team.

The next stage is an interview with a resource manager. This is the person who will be responsible for your professional development in the company. During the interview, he will ask you about your professional qualities and experience, as well as about the projects and opportunities at CROC.

Sometimes the director of the department may join the interview. He can clarify your plans and key motivational factors.

Can I work remotely?

Our employees can work remotely on an ongoing or partial basis – ranging from one to three business days a week.

Permanently working outside the office can be those who, for personal reasons, move to another city or country. Partially working remotely can be done after first passing the trial period and with the consent of the resource manager and project manager.

Where can candidates from regions work?

Such candidates can try their hand at one of our development centers in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar and Irkutsk.

There is also the opportunity to move to Moscow and work in the central office, using our relocation program.

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