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CROC alumni work in every business sector in many countries worldwide. While everyone who is part of the network may have taken a different path, we are all part of a dynamic, unified, and energetic community. Explore to see the multiple paths others have taken on while maintaining professional relationships within CROC network.


CROC is a large team that has long gone beyond our offices. To keep in touch with colleagues who continued their professional development outside our company, but remained an integral part of it, we launched CROC Alumni. It’s a program for former CROC employees willing to share knowledge, experiences and develop the IT community in Russia and beyond togetherwith us.

Polina Khabarova

Deputy CEO, HR Director, Chief Transformation Officer

CROC IT Family

CROC Alumni Association invites all members of the CROC family—alumni, current employees—to connect with the company’s alumni community. This powerful network is a enduring benefit of a CROC career.

Our alumni make, sustain, and build upon the close professional relationships they started while at the company, as well as develop their skills and careers. So, check this website often to find out about alumni social and professional events.


Meet our alumni

It’s important for us to keep in touch with CROC, because everyone can learn something when we cooperate - from expert assistance to future joint projects.

Artyom Abrahamyan

Technical Program Manager, Security and Privacy at Facebook

Worked at CROC from 2005-2012

If you're new, you have something to learn at CROC. If you are an experienced specialist, CROC is a great opportunity to show yourself as a professional.

Georgy Mogelashvili

Lead Developer at Booking.com

Worked at CROC from 2010-2014

CROC is a place where I truly grew up, became a professional in my field and realized that people can be appreciated at their workplace.

Vasilina Sokolova

Founder and ideological inspirer of HRBOX.io

Worked at CROC from 2005-2012

In conversations about CROC even two years after leaveing, and believe me, there are always plenty of them, I still say ‘in our CROC,’ ‘and in our CROC’ which often scares my current employers. That’s because CROC stays with you forever!

Pavel Babiy

Digital Product Development Manager, Megaphone

Worked at CROC from 2011-2017

For me, the most valuable thing at CROC are the professionals, a united team spirit, the drive and speed in work, and super rich corporate life.

Alina Karaeva

Business Analyst at Zooplus

Worked at CROC in 2012-2018

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