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We invite you into the CROC world. We want you to be part of our team, to feel and touch the future of technology and to remain open to the endless possibilities. We are combining tradition and the innovative ideas moving into the realm of deep synergies, multisectoral integration and partnerships. CROC is constantly changing and evolving. We are a dynamic team and flexible enough to let you create fun and exciting ideas or build sophisticated business communications.

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All our employees are empowered to move the world forward through the power of technology.

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We want everyone who works at CROC to have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

9% Communication

Communication is vital within our firm and beyond the office space.


Our 2000+ employees are all committed to bringing excellence and fun in all they do. A career at CROC is the best way to put your talents and knowledge to work. Discover the right role for you.

Development centers

We create custom products, develop micro-services and work with the RnD field. You will be able to bring ideas to life using different tools including VR, IoT, video analytics, etc.

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AI & Machine Learning

We work with AI technologies, machine vision and predictive analytics. You will be able to experiment and apply non-standard mathematical solutions.

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Digital transformation and consulting

We are engaged in the digitalization of the business and successfully transforming it. This ranges from the search for strategic insights to helping transition the customer to digital platforms.

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Product management

We are responsible for the corporate accelerator, work with startups and launch digital products. With us you will become product managers and will be able to promote new business initiatives.

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We create and implement solutions to protect information systems from hacker attacks and ensure the information security of the client, always being “one step ahead” of any cyber threat.

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System Integration and Infrastructure Solutions

We created a situational center for the CPPK, equipped the stadium with the infrastructure for the 2018 World Cup, and built the country's largest data center. You too can work on such large-scale projects.

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Business applications

We customize and implement EPR-, CRM-, BPM-products, Big Data and Data Warehouse, etc. You will also develop products that will remove alleviate routine tasks from employees.

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Business development & marketing

We are improving our business with the help of different sectors, including SMM, content, PR, digital promotion and events. With us you will learn how to use these tools for business development.

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Smart building

We develop capabilities in the field of BIM, 3D-design and IoT. Together with colleagues, you’ll create engineering and multimedia infrastructure for data centers and business centers.

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Cloud solutions

We are developing a proprietary IaaS platform that provides large corporate clients 24/7 support and high quality services based on the IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS models.

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We develop solutions for VR and AR reality and work with different industries. We can show you how the virtual tour for the Hermitage and the simulator for the ISS were created.

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CROC Creative Lab

We create visual communication products for internal and external customers. In our design laboratory, you can develop the skills of graphic design, creativity and UX / UI.

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