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We create and implement unique digital tools for the industry.


Industry 4.0

We help our clients to be efficient and remain competitive during the next industrial revolution, which involves the digitizing production process while minimizing human involvement. Successful cases confirm that digital tools always contribute to the economic growth of the enterprise.

Market leaders
For over 28 years we have been developing software to digitize manufacturing enterprises.
Flexible approach
We offer our own methodology created by internal experts to address production specifics of every enterprise.
Comprehensive approach
We undertake a full range of digitalization services: from system design to production launch.
Industry expertise
We have successful cases in energy, oil and gas, and metallurgy industries.

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Client success story


We have created tools to manage and control the movement of seismic data and access to them. We minimized the risks of losing historical data in the field of seismic exploration.


We have also developed a custom system for solving problems of searching, storing, processing, and analyzing specific seismic data when solving typical production problems.


Optimization of production processes. Reducing manual labor and freeing up the resource of highly qualified experts. Minimizing the risk of data loss.

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