CROC leadership

Our people are the backbone of CROC. Their energy and drive bring precision and quality in everything they do, highlighting an increased digital presence and international focus.

Executive profiles

Galina Sadovnikova

Deputy CEO, Director for Business Development Economics

Dmitry Vasiliev

First Deputy CEO

Igor Nikulin

Deputy CEO for Business Development, Director of Sales and Project Management Department

Polina Khabarova

Deputy CEO, HR Director, Chief Transformation Officer

Ivan Rubtsov

Deputy CEO for Key Accounts

Valentin Gubarev

Director of Computer Systems Department

Natalia Dyakonova

Director of Telecom Department

Sergey Paukov

Director of Engineering and Multimedia Systems Department

Elena Volkovskaya

Chief Strategic Marketing Officer

Vyacheslav Tantzorov

Chief Marketing Operations Officer

Andrey Ivanov

IT Director

Lyubov Trunina

Director of Human Resources and Social Policy

Evgeny Zavyalov

Director of Business Applications Department

Maria Ukolova

Director of Information Technology Department

Ilya Omekhin

Director of Software Development Department

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