Environmental policy

The executive management of the company recognizes the importance of protecting and safeguarding the environment through our business endeavors. In light of this, the management undertakes to comply with all the requirements of Russian legislation in terms of environmental protection. Additionally we undertake to constantly improve the environmental management system and prevent environmental pollution.

CROC’s environmental policy is based on the requirements of GOST R ISO 14001-2016.

The main elements of the CROC Environmental Policy are:

1. Preparation, implementation and continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

2. Management decisions based on the results of environmental monitoring and analysis of the impact of the activities and operation of the building and premises of the company on the environment.

3. Responsibility of the top management of the company for the implementation of the Environmental Policy.

4. Environmental support in the processes of the company, which are covered by the Environmental Management System, ensuring the reduction of negative environmental impacts.

5. Regular assessment of the importance of environmental aspects at all stages of the processes of activity covered by the Environmental Management System, and the operation of the building and premises of the company.

6. Taking measures to prevent emergencies with negative environmental consequences.

7. Systematic training and advanced training of company employees in the field of ecology.

CROC’s environmental policy covers the following activities:

  • Design, development, installation, commissioning and maintenance of engineering and process control systems, as well as systems for environmental monitoring and control over hazardous emissions and discharges;
  • Ensuring the necessary environmental conditions for personnel in the office complex of JSC CROC incorporated.

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