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Russia's First EMC Velocity² Signature Solution Center

March 03, 2009

CROC has announced the opening of the first EMC Velocity2 Signature Solution Center in Russia and the CIS. This Solution Center offers live demonstrations of the benefits of utilizing CROC’s expertise and comprehensive solutions

"The Solution Center allows clients to carefully estimate the benefits from implementing certain technologies and products prior to the start of the project. It is highly-relevant today, as the IT Director has to get maximum return on every ruble invested," says Boris Bobrovnikov, Director General, CROC.

"Currently, the choice of an optimal IT solution is of considerable importance for companies interested in the improvement of their competitiveness and business efficiency.At the new Solution Center, EMC and CROC offer clients an opportunity to test equipment performance and applications functionality, thus reducing the risks related to new solutions implementation and protecting the customers' IT infrastructure investments. We are positive that our Solution Center will be an invaluable tool not only for large enterprises but also for small- and medium-sized businesses, particularly in the current economic conditions," says Vitaly Fridlyand, Director General, EMC Russia and CIS, commenting the opening of EMC Solution Center.

EMC Velocity2 Signature Solution Center is designed for the demonstration of consolidation, virtualization, backup, archiving, information recovery, and protection solutions. Based on the success of EMCs own Global Solution Centers, CROC's Solution Center allows customers to replicate their IT environment, test the functionality of applications optimized for the specific tasks, and offers advisory assistance in selection and implementation of high-technology software and hardware.

Today at CROC's Solution Center there are solutions for:

  • Backup in heterogeneous infrastructures
  • Backup using EMC local replication technologies
  • Information backup and recovery using deduplication, backup of remote data
  • Archiving of mail systems and file resources
  • Computing resources consolidation using VMware ESX and reducing the cost of SAN infrastructure using iSCSI
  • Ensuring geographical disaster-tolerance for Microsoft mission critical applications
  • Continuous local data protection supporting consistent recovery at any time
  • Deployment of geographically-distributed and disaster-tolerant VMware ESX configurations

"Cisco's participation in the Solution Center creation is a result of close cooperation with EMC and VMware as well as our long-term partnership with CROC, the leading Russian integrator," says Mikhail Kristev, Cisco Director for Business Development and Partner Relations. "This is a long-term initiative aimed at demonstrating and promoting the most recent technologies and comprehensive solutions for contemporary data center networks, including solutions for data center resources virtualization, consolidation and for applications optimization."

"Migration to VMware virtual infrastructure allows IT enterprises to reduce the total cost of ownership by a factor of four or five! Through these cost savings, even in the case of IT budget cuts, the IT Director is able to finance the creation of a new generation data center, including upgrade of server equipment and data storage system and networks. This will enhance the entire IT infrastructure reliability, availability, and ease of management, while the response time to business changes will be significantly minimized. The EMC Solution Center deployed at CROC is an excellent site where all interested parties can watch and test the actual benefits from infrastructure solutions for the VMware platform. The implementation of integrated technologies from industry-leading vendors - EMC and VMware - enables customers to reduce the costs, terms, and risks, while a great integration experience certainly allows us to recommend CROC for the implementation of the most large-scale projects involving products from both corporations," advises Mikhail Kozlov, Regional Manager for Russia and the CIS, VMware Inc.

About EMC Velocity2 Signature Solution Center Partners

To satisfy our customers and to ensure that they obtain maximum value from their information infrastructure, we have created one of the strongest groups of partners through the EMC Velocity2 Program.At the peak of this unique program are EMC Velocity2 Signature Solution Center Partners.

Each Velocity2 Signature Solution Center partner has a dedicated EMC Solution Center in its region. Based on the success of EMCs own Global Solution Centers, Velocity2 Signature Solution Center partners have replicated an identical framework of EMC technology in their own centers, providing customers with a live environment to test and experience EMC application-oriented solutions.

Backed by stringent testing, seamless integration with third-party products and documented implementation methodologies, EMC application-oriented solutions for Microsoft®, SAP, Oracle, and Cisco reduce complexity and facilitate faster deployment for customers.

To ensure that customers receive knowledgeable advice, all Velocity2 Signature Solution Center partners maintain a direct certified partner relationship with at least one of the four technology companies that support the EMC solution framework - Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and Cisco.

EMC Velocity2 Signature Solution Center partners are also members of the EMC Authorized Services Network (ASN). ASN partners are part of a strategic family of services partners that deliver a range of information infrastructure services, including consulting, implementation, integration and support. ASN certification allows EMC Velocity2 Signature Solution Center Partners to support customers during the entire life-cycle: from planning and implementation to the management of EMC solutions.

About EMC Corporation

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