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IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

IT Service Availability and Capacity Planning Systems

What is it?

IT availability and capacity planning systems automate the development of optimized IT service provision scenarios in compliance with customer requirements regarding service level and maintenance/support expenses. Such solutions enable:

  • Calculation of maximum load for corporate information systems
  • IT system failure forecasts
  • Pro-active recovery measures
  • Shorter system unavailability times
  • Preparation of optimized plans to modify IT infrastructure capacities

CROC’s Services

CROC offers the creation of IT availability and capacity planning and management systems based on IBM, HP, Precise and TeamQuest.

Monitoring of Integration Components

What is it?

The monitoring system controls the operation of integration components, including the enterprise transport bus and enterprise service bus. Functionality offered by the monitoring system includes: detection, storage, tracking, data collection, automation and display of web services implemented using SOAP/HTTP, SOAP/JMS and Service Component Architecture.

CROC's Services:

CROC creates, implements and configures such monitoring systems.

Business Activity Monitoring

What is it?

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) enables the company to receive accurate information on its activities at all stages, to identify the cause of service and application interruption and to quickly address any problems. The monitoring system generates data which can then be used to make decisions in order to optimize business activity.

CROCs Services

CROC offers the development and implementation of Business Activity Monitoring systems based on IBM and HP solutions.

Automation and capacity management for data center load optimization

What is it?

Data center automation and capacity management systems improve the overall quality of IT services provision based on data center infrastructure. These systems support the forecasting of IT resource service life and the need for capacity expansion and optimization in accordance with planned technical load and business needs.

CROCs Services

CROC offers TeamQuest solutions for data center optimization. TeamQuest software products allow for efficient data center infrastructure management. CROC is one of the key TeamQuest partners in Russia and has certified specialists in TeamQuest Performance Software – a fact which highlights the companys expertise in data center IT infrastructure monitoring and management systems.

Data center infrastructure management and 3D modeling solutions

What is it?

Data center infrastructure management systems allow for remote data center health monitoring, performance management and quick emergency response.

CROCs Services

iTRACS solutions employ interactive 3D visualization technology and allow for effective and user-friendly data center infrastructure management. The core of the solution is interactive 3D visualization which provides data center visibility using a navigable 3D model so that users can point-and-click through the entire physical infrastructure (IT, facilities and building management systems). CROC is the only authorized iTRACS partner in Russia and the iTRACS solution enhances the clarity of data center physical assets, power circuits and network connectivity and therefore improves data center operation efficiency and extends its service life.