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Banking and Finance

CROC implements comprehensive IT projects for banks and financial institutions that increase profitability by reducing business, IT support, and maintenance costs while providing guaranteed continuous operation of banking systems and easier client acquisition and retention. CROC implements integrated IT projects and upgrades, and designs, implements, and supports IT infrastructures for banks and financial institutions. CROC specializes in building geographically distributed fault-tolerant datacenters, developing data storage systems, creating service-oriented architectures, installing video conferencing systems, and in deploying call centers and integrating them with core banking systems. CROC's experience in creating and supporting ultra large-scale systems stretches over a dozen years.

In addition, CROC implements enterprise data management solutions (i.e. document management systems, portals, and e-mail systems), deploys ERP, BI, and CRM systems for business process automation, and helps customers ensure information security. (See detailed list of CROC's Services and Solutions). The banking and finance sector is one of CROC's top vertical markets, and we provide services to major Russian and international financial companies throughout the country:

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